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Photo Booth Winchester

Photo Booth Winchester

So, there’s a milestone coming in your life. It’s your 50th Birthday. You want to celebrate this particular lifetime achievement but you’re unsure which direction to take it. There’s the obvious option of getting all your old party mates and jetting off to Ibiza for a dance fuelled weekend at Café del Mar. The downside of which is that you’d have to take those grown up kids in the family. Not a major problem but there’s no way they’d be able to match the killer dance floor moves you’ve got under your belt. Hiring a luxury 50-sleeper yacht is the other choice that springs to mind, but there’s always going to be at least one guest complaining about the Caribbean heat or a bit of sea sickness.

So that leaves one thing, grab your nearest and dearest for a nice meal at Winchester’s Hotel du Vin and hire in the Funky Photo Booth for some after meal picture silliness.

Guests from Catherine’s Birthday Party can view all the pictures on our website gallery.

Booth Butler for the evening was Bob O’Tron, who along with all at Funky Photo Booth would like to thank Catherine for hiring us and to her guests for being such excellent fun in the photo booth.

If you would like a quote to hire a photo booth for your wedding or party, just let us know a few details and we’ll get right back to you.

Photo Booth Winchester by Funky Photo Booth.


photo booth winchester: Getting funky with hats and glasses

photo booth winchester: one very lucky manphoto booth winchester: everyone loves a pink pimp hatphoto booth winchester: we LOVE this picturephoto booth winchester: photo BOMBED!photo booth winchester: Keeping it cosy in the Funky Photo Boothphoto booth winchester: loving it!photo booth winchester: Soon to be featured on X-Factor

The Hotel du Vin is set in a beautiful venue dating back to 1715 that is full of character and a delightful atmosphere. It’s a grand looking hotel, but still there is a real intimate feel to the venue. The reputation for fine dining and fine wines at Hotel du Vin makes it all the more special for private parties and weddings.

A massive thank you to Michel and his team at Hotel du Vin for making our job so much easier and we hope to visit the hotel in the near future.

Hotel Du Vin, 14 Southgate St, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EF
Tel: 08447 489267

Photo Booth Winchester by Funky Photo Booth

Client Comments Natalie & Alan, East Close Hotel

Client Comments Natalie & Alan

Here’s a little something from Natalie & Alan who hired us for their wedding at East Close Hotel. Booth Butler for the evening was Bob O’Tron.

Client Comments Natalie & Alan


Hi rob,

Brilliant thank you!!


To all your questions below it is a “3”:)I would be pleased to write you a testimonial.

Kind regards



And the scores…

1 = Pants, Rubbish, Grrrr
2 = Shoulder shrug, irrelevant, hmmm
3 = I love the Funky Photo Booth, you guys ROCK and I want one in my home!

How easy was it to book the funky photo booth? 3

Was the Booth Butler helpful, polite and professional? 3

Did the Funky Photo Booth meet your expectations? 3

Was the price of the booth good value? 3

If travel costs were involved did you think they were fair? n/a

Would you recommend the Funky Photo Booth? 3

Client Comments Natalie & Alan by Rob Dunning



Photo Booth Hampshire – Elliot & Jo

Photo Booth Hampshire

Elliot & Jo held their wedding at Houghton Lodge & Gardens in Sotckbridge, Hampshire. Their reception was held in a beautiful marquee from Buchannan Marquees. As part of the evening entertainment they hired a Funky Photo Booth from us. The Booth Butler for the evening was the lovely Kayla.

We thoroughly enjoyed funking things up at Elliot & Jo’s wedding. Their guests were a bunch of party animals and we don’t think there was a single guest that didn’t go into the booth at least once on the night.

Elliot & Jo customised their prints with one of our more popular banner designs and it fitted in perfectly with the guest book they had supplied.

Guests from Elliot & Jo’s wedding can tag themselves on our Facebook page or view all the pictures on our website gallery.

If you would like a quote to hire a photo booth for your wedding or party, just let us know a few details and we’ll get right back to you.


Photo Booth Hampshire: Good face pulling techniquePhoto Booth Hampshire: Bottom left ... a corker!Photo Booth Hampshire: Some seriously good swapping around skillsPhoto Booth Hampshire: Top left, whatPhoto Booth Hampshire: The gorgeous Jo!Photo Booth Hampshire: We Love This Pic!Photo Booth Hampshire: Crazy girlsPhoto Booth Hampshire: Top usage of cocktail glassesPhoto Booth Hampshire: TherePhoto Booth Hampshire: Love This!Photo Booth Hampshire: Loud & proud

A massive thank you to Elliot & Jo for hiring the Funky Photo Booth. Additionally, we would like to thank all of the guests that used the booth and making Booth Butler Kayla feel so welcome.

From their website: Houghton Lodge and Gardens represents one of the most enjoyable privately owned house and gardens in Hampshire. A quaint and charming visitor attraction in Hampshire and stunning venue for weddings, receptions and functions. Houghton Lodge was the only house in Hampshire to be a finalist in the Country Life Magazine and Savills: England’s Favourite House Award 2011.

Address: Houghton Lodge & Gardens, Stockbridge, Hampshire S020 6LQ
Phone:+44(0)1264 810502

Photo Booth Hampshire by Funky Photo Booth

Party Photo Booth Dorset – Natalie & Alan’s Wedding

Party Photo Booth Dorset

In June, Natalie & Alan had their at East Close Hotel. For part of the evening entertainment they hired a Funky Photo Booth from us. Their Booth Butler for the evening was none other than Bob O’Tron, the world’s mightiest booth attendant. Although mighty, he’s a gentle giant at heart and enjoys photographing flowers and bees when he’s not bus running his own photography company.

There was no shortage of prop use with Darth Vader regularly making an appearance. Spiderman seemed to take the fancy of a number female guests too. But our new selection of oversized sunnies were used by everyone.

Guests from Natalie & Alan’s Wedding can view all the pictures on our website gallery or on our Facebook Friends Page.

If you would like a quote to hire a photo booth for your wedding or party, just let us know a few details and we’ll get right back to you.


Party Photo Booth Dorset: Darth Vader meets lady with big sunglassesParty Photo Booth Dorset: It doesnParty Photo Booth Dorset: Kissing the CaptainParty Photo Booth Dorset: Luke Skywalker with his +1Party Photo Booth Dorset: Spider Man FansParty Photo Booth Dorset: Slightly crazy but ultimately coolParty Photo Booth Dorset: Mr Feather Boa man?Party Photo Booth Dorset: Where romance meets eleganceParty Photo Booth Dorset: The boys keeping it realParty Photo Booth Dorset: So hot, they melted our air con.


East Close  is a stunning New Forest Hotel that we’ve worked at a number of times with both the Funky Photo Booth and also our sister company Rob Dunning Wedding Photography. All the rooms at the hotel are individually designed and have a real flare of luxury about them. Downstairs it’s almost like a labyrinth as you travel from room to room, but all the time it just oozes character and a really nice feel of luxury mixed with cosiness.

The main room where functions such as wedding and parties are held is open plan. However, it’s set in such a way that you can still grab your own personal space but still feel part of the party.

Whenever we’ve worked at East Close we’ve always found the staff extremely accommodating and friendly to work with, and we know this is extended to their guests.

A massive thank you to Natalie & Alan for hiring the Funky Photo Booth, a big shout to the team at East Close and another thank you to the Natalie & Alan’s guests that made Booth Butler Bob so welcome.

Party Photo Booth Dorset by Funky Photo Booth

Party Photo Booth Southampton – Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill

Party Photo Booth Southampton

It’s that time of year when summer evenings see the streets filled with pink limousines, party fire engines, flower clad VW campers and a host of other head turning modes of transport. Yes, it’s Prom season.

The school featured in this post if Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill. Their school prom was held at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton and put together by the Halo Conference & Events team.

Quite a few schools in and around Southampton have hired the Funky Photo Booth for their school proms. However, we haven’t had the opportunity to work with Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill before. The prom was an absolute success with everyone so obviously having a fabulous time. Additionally the Funky Photo Booth was used none stop after it was opened by the Prom King & Queen.

Guests from the Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill prom can view all the pictures on our website gallery.

If you would like a quote to hire a photo booth for your wedding or party, just let us know a few details and we’ll get right back to you.


Party Photo Booth Southampton - The Prom King & Queen

Party Photo Booth Southampton - Three prom girls partyingParty Photo Booth Southampton - Four students getting full use of the prop box.Even the teachers were taking full advantage of the Party Photo Booth SouthamptonOne lucky young man with two gorgeous ladies in the Party Photo Booth Southampton.Party Photo Booth Southampton at St MaryParty Photo Booth Southampton for Oasis Academy LordEven more teachers in the Party Photo Booth SouthamptonThree students with boa feathers in the Funky Photo Booth.How many teachers does it take to fill a Funky Photo Booth?

Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill opened in 2008 to repace Millbrook Community School and Oaklands Community School. The academy is sponsored by the charity Oasis Community Learning. The academy provides opportunities for pupils to flourish in their education but also has a particular expertise in the Arts. Visit the website of Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill to find out more.

A massive thank you to Chris and Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill for hiring the Funky Photo Booth and we hope to see you at an event again in the near future. Best wishes to you all.

Party Photo Booth Southampton by Funky Photo Booth